We make modern one-of-a-kind jewelry, small sculpture and vessels by carving gemstones and fossil tusk, fabricating gold and silver, and using precioius and semi-precious gemstones.

Some of the work we do uses ancient fossil ivory, which has been used by the Inuit people for thousands of years. Much of it is mineralized walrus tusk, some came from ancient mammoth or mastodon, and some of it is artifact material, (legally controlled and sold by the Inuit out of Alaska) which we recycle, adding our own carvings, designs and embellishments. We never use elephant ivory or materials that encourage the slaughter of animals. We only use conflict-free diamonds. We feel deeply connected to the materials with which we work, by virtue of their intrinsic natural beauty and their ancient use as survival tools in the harsh environment of the Arctic.

We live in the woods of Northern California, in a house we built, off the grid, (no hookups to gas, electricity, or television). We use tools powered by solar and hydro-electricity, and do a lot of handwork. We grow much of our own food, get water from a spring, and live on an ancient Native American campsite. Like so-called primitive people, we feel influenced by the natural world, the seasons and cycles of the moon, inner guidance, and unseen mysteries. We feel a kinship with the artwork of ancient cultures, and we have a modern global awareness. We combine ancient and modern influences in expressing our connectedness to the materials with which we work, the land on which we live, and all living things.

In this day of mass-produced, throw-away products, we are glad to be artists whose work enables others to experience the long-standing tradition of unique, hand-crafted quality and beauty, which is now being recognized as art. We hope that our work, and the power and beauty of the materials we use, can facilitate for others a reconnection to awe and wonder.


My work is about transformation - in the arrangement and fusion of metals, in myself in the process of creating, in the viewer and wearer in the experiencing of each one-of-a-kind piece. The boundaries blur between order and chaos, chance and premeditation, smooth flatness and textured dimensionality, play and work.

I am in constant appreciation of nature, and my hope is to convey this sense of wonder and the importance of preserving the natural world. I see patterns and ideas in a piece, and others will interpret it differently. That, too, is an interesting part of the process.


Metals, stones, fossil tusks, ancient bones. The natural world is my source and inspiration.

Fabrication, fusion and carving are some of the ways I sing my song.

Awareness of interconnectedness is my underlying theme.

Each piece is an exploration and a birthing, offering a visual, tactile and visceral timelessness.


Handcrafted Art Jewelry

Yoli & Eagle Rose
PO Box 1111
Ukiah, CA 95482


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